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Dangerous Encounters
Ritualistic Collective Practices
Emerging Futures - No object


Exploring how spaces can be shaped collectively and produced on the basis of a shared practice, the Department of "Exhibition Design and Scenography" at the University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe (HfG) initiates a trans- disciplinary workshop conference. In collaboration with five international artistic collectives - Karrabing Film Collective/Elizabeth Povinelli; Making Futures; Numen for Use; Collectif Paranthèse, and Turbo Pascal - a series of workshops, work presentations, and discussions will take place in the atrium of the HfG and within the Open Campus located in front of the university. The invited collectives operate in the context of visual arts, film, architecture, performance, scenography, and design. The four workshops will focus on practice-oriented approaches to collaborative action scenarios, from which spatial works in the form of temporary architecture,

installation, and performative interventions will emerge. "Collective Spatial Practices" draws no clear boundaries between lecture, Q&A, break, building, walking, eating, and discussion; the format is oriented toward affective and processual transfer of knowledge. With a focus on modes of egalitarian sharing and participation, experimental spatial practices are tested in a dynamic process where action and reflection converge. As a performative venue for artistic-discursive togetherness, the conference happens on the threshold between perception, practice, and speculation. The discussions will concentrate on models of spatial work that enable complex themes such as precarious working conditions, consequences of colonial exclusion, solidarity, and sustainability to become visible in their polyphonies, paradoxes, and urgencies.



Registration is required in order to take part in the Collective Spatial Practices Conference. There is no entrance fee. You have to register with one of the four workshops that you would like to attend: # Dangerous Encounters Workshop with Turbo Pascal # Reuse and Hijack Installations Workshop with Collectif Paranthése # Ritualistic Collective Practices Workshop with Numen # Emerging Futures Workshop with Making Futures

Please note: Catering will be provided during the whole three conference days. A small donation is explicitly welcome. If you need any assistance or have questions related to the Collective Spatial Practices Conference, please do not hesitate to contact our Collective Spatial Practices Team. Please register and contact us via the following e-mail!